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With bandwidth the highest cost factor in hosting your website, and time the most important factor to your customers, it has never been more important to have a well-coded website.


Unfortunately many websites are coded inefficiently using visual editors which produce far more code than necessary for the desired results. At Zodiac, all websites are coded by hand, so download times and bandwidth usage, which in real terms equate to cost and convenience, can be slashed considerably by using our Markup Services to refine and rewrite your website code.

Check the pricing of your hosting service and you may well find that you are being charged for bandwidth. The more inefficient the code on your site, the more bandwidth is used up, therefore inefficient code is costing you money.

Inefficient code is also slower to download and can lead to a frustrating experience for your visitors. Poor quality code can also render pages illegible in some browsers.

Code written by skilled professionals is significantly more slimline and efficient than that produced by popular WYSIWYG web design software. At Zodiac we are expert HTML/XHTML coders and all our code is hand-written to the highest standard: error-free and checked against web standards for quality. Please see this testimonial for an example of our success in an independent accessibility survey measuring the quality of our code.

All pages are tested in browsers on multiple platforms to ensure the pages are displayed as intended to the widest possible audience, whatever their choice of operating system.

If your code was produced by designers using WYSIWYG design software then we can save you money and improve the experience for visitors to your web site today.

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  • Convert your documentation from any format into standards compliant, semantic HTML/XHTML markup.
  • Review, refine and re-write the HTML/XHTML code on your existing website, maintaining the look and feel but reducing bandwidth usage and saving you money
  • Modernise your code, fix errors and improve performance for today's browsers
  • Improve accessibility
  • Reduce the time it takes visitors to download pages from your site

To help us understand the needs of your business, please email info@zodiacinternet.co.uk with an overview of your requirements and we will arrange a no-obligation discussion and quotation for our markup services. Alternatively please complete our online contact form.

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