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“The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) regulates more than 100,000 solicitors in England and Wales. The Legal Services Act 2007 is bringing about major changes to the regulation of legal services. As part of this change, the SRA introduced substantially revised rules and regulations for solicitors in March 2009, including an amended Solicitors' Code of Conduct. We took the opportunity to publish approximately 400 pages of regulatory content in HTML format for the first time, replacing PDF content and, thereby, making significant usability and accessibility gains for our users.

In late 2008, we commissioned a series of work packages from Zodiac Internet Solutions-they were contracted to mark up several hundred pages of unstructured content into semantic HTML. In their pitch, we were immediately impressed by Zodiac's knowledge of and commitment to web standards; the final product amply reflected this. The mark-up work was complex, demanding unfailing attention to detail. Our deadlines were tight and non-negotiable. Zodiac delivered high-quality, error-free, semantic code---to deadline or ahead of deadline. They also identified and helped to resolve a series of issues that we had overlooked. Throughout the process, they exhibited consummate professionalism. In short, Zodiac listened to our requirements, came to understand our requirements at least as well as we did, and delivered a product that either met or exceeded our expectations in every respect.”

John Rieger
Content Editor (web)
Solicitors Regulation Authority

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