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“Zodiac are entrusted with our web hosting and also provide maintenance and enhancements to website design and content.

We used the Zodiac Internet Solutions consultancy service when we wanted to update the design and infrastructure of our Group intranet. A key requirement was to provide facilities to make it far easier for staff to contribute content, but in a cost-effective manner. The Zodiac consultant proposed a great solution using an open source content management tool called Drupal. Zodiac provided the initial design, bespoke functionality and site content, to the planned timescale and budget. The intranet is now the primary means of internal communication, providing business and staff information, telephone directories, access to on-line training and procedures, and is the preferred means for raising requests with our Group service desk.

Zodiac provide an informed and responsive service, and take care to understand our requirements. As well as meeting our business requirements, Zodiac ensure high quality and standards compliance for our websites, particularly with regard to accessibility. I'm pleased to say that our website has been ranked at, or near, the top of the Sitemorse league tables of retail bank websites, independently measuring functionality and accessibility, for over 2 years.”

Andy Cox
Group Information Services Manager
Julian Hodge Bank

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