.accessibility & accessible web design.

If you're in business online, it is both a legal and moral obligation to ensure that your website services are accessible by all.Freedom to enjoy websites through accessible design

At Zodiac we are passionate advocates of accessible web design and we can advise on requirements and re-design your existing site to comply with legislation and guidelines.

Whether we are designing your website from scratch, or we are applying our expertise to your existing website, we will ensure that your website achieves the highest standards of accessibility to meet the requirements of your business and your customers.

Zodiac can provide customised accessibility reports for your website with a tailored review highlighting success, failures and recommendations for improvement.

our skills & services

  • Accessible web design
  • A review and report of your website’s existing accessibility with recommendations
  • Updating your existing website to comply with accessibility guidelines
  • Advice and consultancy services regarding accessible web design and practice
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